Helen N. Post

Helen Post has worked in a variety of mediums and finds a different way to express herself in each medium. At this time in her career as an artist, she finds herself working with pastels and oils most satisfying.

Helen Post is particularly drawn to both color and form in landscapes, and in still lifes. Her landscapes are painted on location, while her still lifes are carefully composed in her studio. As a colorist, Helen Post tries to express the joy that colors stir in her. The result is a vibrant interpretation that can be seen in her paintings.

Each painting, whether it is in oil or another medium, contains the elements of good design that includes proper composition, balance of color and shape, and the appropriate use of values.

Her mixed media collages consist of a variety of materials: different colored papers, including wallpaper, printed matter from magazines, cut up or torn pastels, watercolors, and marbled papers are included. Broken pieces of stained glass and jewelry are also used and the combination of colors and shapes are worked into a design that is as much a puzzle as a piece of art.

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